Kitsch Martingale Collar 50mm - Corinth with Blue & Flowers - Blue lining - 18" Max


Blue Flowers. Blue, purple and green with a Blue satin lining

Measures 50mm wide and 18" long

These collars are suitable for Whippets, Greyhounds, Wolfhounds, Deerhounds, Salukis, all Lurchers and other large dogs with long necks. Recommended for outdoor walking use/lead attachment. They are really too wide to be used as an indoor/house collar.  For 95% of sighthounds- particularly newly homed Greyhounds and rescue dogs, we would recommend the Martingale for safety and ease of use.

All collars have satin linings. All are washable at 40 degrees, in a machine. The fittings are solid brass. Super strong and tough for outdoor walkies.

Please measure your dog’s mid neck in inches


Please measure your dog mid neck in inches. The collars are adjustable via the slider and have plenty of scope to be made smaller. The Martingale and single loop style will expand a further 2" from the mid neck size you supply, so a 14" collar will expand to 16" to go over the head and ears. If your dog has a large skull circumference (like a Bull Breed) please add at least an inch to the mid neck measurement.