I'm Wisdom, and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Wisdom is reserved
4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Wisdom is a four-year-old ex-racing Greyhound girl. Wisdom has lived in a home for a short period, living happily alongside a male Greyhound. She is house trained and enjoyed living in a home.

Wisdom is a people Greyhound; she is very affectionate and adores human company. She has beautiful soul searching eyes and will gaze deeply into your eyes as if she really can see deep into your soul. If she likes what she finds, you will undoubtedly have a friend for life, one that will stay by your side forever.

Wisdom needs an experienced Greyhound home because she has a high prey drive and has not yet learnt to accept other smaller breeds of dog. Thus, care needs to be taken around them, and Wisdom needs to wear a muzzle when out in public. Wisdom is, however, perfectly happy wearing a muzzle and actually can’t get it on quick enough if it means going for a nice walk!

Greyhound savvy owners used to using a muzzle will know that this is just one very small part of the astute, clever lady she is.
Wisdom can live as an only Greyhound or will happily live alongside a male Greyhound.

Wisdom is so worthy of finding a lovely forever home with someone who can look past her muzzle and see who she is - a beautiful ex-racing Greyhound who wants someone to love her.

If you can offer Wisdom a home, please contact us.