I'm Wisdom,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

5 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Wisdom is a five-year-old black Greyhound girl who has retired from Greyhound racing.

Wisdom is currently being assessed, she happily goes along with the kennel routine and is obviously comfortable with the Greyhounds around her in the kennel. However she hasn’t shown her personality to the humans at Hector’s kennels, she is very guarded. She allows herself to be petted and cuddled but doesn’t give herself up to be loved.

Wisdom will need time to adjust so she can allow someone to love her, she also needs to learn to trust, this must be with a forever owner that really will be forever as Wisdom clearly does not forget if she is let down.

Wisdom is not cat safe, she happily shares her kennel with a male Greyhound. We feel that coping with children while adjusting to life as a pet may overwhelm her and make her withdraw further into her self so are asking for a child-free home.

We think Wisdom has a high prey drive and care will need to be taken around small dogs, we are still assessing her which is difficult why she is so shut down and are not sure we will ever get a true picture of her character while she is in a kennel, for this reason, we would prefer to “market” her with a high prey drive that may require a muzzle while out in public, although we would love her new owner to say we were wrong. 

Wisdom needs a home that understands ex-racing Greyhounds and the life she led before she was rescued as this has clearly had a big impact on her. She will need time and patience and not be rushed into trusting and loving you, each step she takes will be so rewarding. 

Can you help this beautiful girl adjust to the world outside of racing kennels and show her love really exists? Then please contact us