I'm Whitney,

a rescue galgo and I want to be adopted.

Whitney is reserved
2 years
6 months
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Hector’s Galgos have all been neutered, vaccinated and tested for Mediterranean diseases before coming to the UK. They have also all been health checked by a Veterinary surgeon on arrival to the UK.

Whitney is a beautiful little Galgo girl who is less than two years old. Whitney was rescued by Hector’s from a kill Station in Spain. We don’t know Whitney’s history of how she got to the Kill Station, but we do know whatever has happened to her by the hands of humans it has terrified her. 

Little Whitney has such a beautiful face with the most expressive eyes, she is simply gorgeous. She carefully watches the way the other dogs interact with us and you can see she is desperately trying to find the confidence to behave the same way, she has been starved of love and it’s clear this is what she wants. Whitney will probably never be a confident dog, whatever she has seen or had done to her can never be truly undone, but one thing is sure once you have gained Whitney’s trust the rewards of her love for you will be great and for this reason, Whitney must never be let down again.

Whitney will clearly be terrified of the noises and dangers she perceives in her new home, she needs gentle, patient owners who will give her the time to adjust. Living in a busy, noisy house would frighten Whitney. Surprisingly she does not appear any more frightened of children and is clearly curious about them, you can see she would love to play, children however in Whitney’s life would need to be calm and quiet to gain her trust. 

Whitney would obviously draw confidence from another calm confident dog and we feel for this reason she needs to be placed with another dog who has no fears to pass on to Whitney. She will never be able to run off lead outside of a secure environment as the risk of something frightening and causing her to run away her will always remain. 

Whitney’s new owners need to be experienced enough to understand this little girl and help her adjust, the fight part of fight or flight will never be part of Whitney’s character she is too gentle, she will need to be kept safe with a harness linked to a collar for extra security in case she should ever be spooked and heightened dog security is imperative in her home while she is so fearful and 6ft secure boundaries to her garden will be required. 

Whitney is so clearly worth the time and patience that will be needed to help her adjust, this girl has probably been through and seen horrors that we couldn’t imagine, yet she is so gentle and clearly only wants to be loved. 

If you can offer Whitney a home please contact us