I'm Virgil,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

2 years
2 months
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Virgil is a very handsome Irish white and fawn Greyhound, he has recently retired from Greyhound racing. Virgil was just two years old in July.

Virgil’s racing name was Van Dijk and yes, he does love a game of football, but unfortunately, he won’t pass the ball!
Virgil also loves tennis balls, in fact, Virgil likes to play any bouncy fun game.

Virgil can be boisterous and quite spirited, despite being a young dog he does have a high prey drive and care will need to be taken around small dogs, he is not cat safe. Virgil is looking for an experienced Greyhound home to help him make the transition to becoming a family pet.
Virgil can live as an only dog or with another female Greyhound. Due to his sometimes exuberant nature, Virgil needs a home without small children who could get knocked over, but he would enjoy playing with older robust teenagers.

Virgil enjoys a fuss and a cuddle and is very affectionate and loving, he has also been spotlessly clean in his kennel. Virgil will need a little guidance into the ways of the world outside a racing kennel, but there is no doubt this time will be well spent as he really is so lovely and will mature into a fabulous much-loved dog. Virgil is also incredibly good looking and is sure to be admired wherever he goes.

If you can offer this gorgeous boy a home please contact us