I'm Verona, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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6 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Verona is six years old and has been used for breeding in Ireland.  She is happily living in a Hector’s foster home alongside another Greyhound. Verona has settled into the routine of her foster home well; she is house trained, walks well on a lead and is happy to be left alone for periods of the day. She is not cat safe.

Verona is a lovely affectionate, playful little girl and as you can see from her photos she is very beautiful.  This she is fully aware of and is not afraid to use it to her advantage to gain even more attention particularly enjoying this when she has been out fundraising for Hector’s. 

Verona has clearly successfully raised several litters of puppies, Hector’s guess would be that she was a very competent mum. Her puppies would be spotless and she would not stand any nonsense and would have raised efficiently and happily.

The best way to describe Verona is probably to describe her in human terms; she has a complex personality that only real ladies have.  Verona really needs to live with an old fashioned gentleman Greyhound.  At home Verona likes things to be run just as she like it, this can be perceived by some gentleman as nagging and being bossy.  However, Verona probably due to all the housework and child raising she has done lacks confidence in the outside world.  This is where she requires her gentleman Greyhound to step up to the mark and look after her as she can get frightened by situations which she hasn’t fully experienced previously.  She will need to draw on her gentleman Greyhound for confidence and reassurance. A perfect balance for a happy relationship!

If you can offer this gorgeous girl a home please contact us