I'm Tizzy,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Tizzy is a pretty blue coloured Greyhound girl who has recently retired from Greyhound racing, she is four years old.

Most people looking at Hector’s dog's profiles already know what wonderful, loving pets ex-racing Greyhounds make, those of you researching Greyhounds will be beginning to understand how resilient and quick they are to adapt to a different lifestyle, especially if it involves a sofa !

Tizzy is a girl who is going to take a little longer than the average ex-racing Greyhounds to learn that LOVE could also be part of her new world.

Tizzy hasn’t been with Hector’s long but she clearly views Hector’s Kennels just like any racing Kennels she has been in, she is calm, walks well on her lead and is well behaved. Most ex-racing Greyhounds quickly realise Hector’s is no racing kennel and swiftly begin to show their personalities.

Tizzy, however, appears to be institutionalised, she has clearly done everything asked of her during her racing career but never had any “me” time, sadly Tizzy doesn’t know who she really is and doesn’t know about love. 

Tizzy we know will blossom, the person who gives Tizzy a home and offers the patience to allow her to understand that she can let her personality emerge and start to enjoy life will be honoured, the true reward of rescued dogs is teaching them it’s ok to love, then reaping the rewards of being loved unconditionally.

Tizzy is not cat safe, we are asking for a home without children as we feel this will be too much all at once to adjust to. Tizzy isn’t good around small dogs and she must be rehomed as an only dog. Tizzy hasn’t worked out what it is to share and will take a while to understand that everything is going to be ok and that she doesn’t have to fight for everything to survive. 

Tizzy’s true personality is yet to emerge, it will be revealed with gentle encouragement when she feels safe and secure. 

Tizzy’s final personality and character we can’t guarantee, she may become a proper little deva - this we would love and we wouldn't apologise because it would mean she is finally happy. 

If you can give this gorgeous girl a chance to live a normal life as a much-loved pet please contact us