I'm Tintilla,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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Hector’s Galgos have all been neutered, vaccinated and tested for Mediterranean diseases before coming to the UK. They have also all been health checked by a Veterinary surgeon on arrival to the UK.

Tintilla is a gorgeous Spanish Galgo who probably hasn’t seen her second birthday yet, she was rescued by Galgo en Familia in Spain in February. Little Tintilla has obviously only been used to harsh treatment before her rescue and is a little nervous until she realises you are not going to hurt her, she then enjoys fuss and attention. 

Tintilla is clearly an intelligent dog and carefully weighs up new situations, if she feels safe she becomes the young dog she should be and loves to play and enjoy some fun. Tintilla would gain confidence from living with another confident dog as long as it didn’t dominate and squash Tintilla’s shy personality. Tintilla is also a little scared of children so we feel she would be happier living in a home without children.  

Tintilla is truly beautiful inside and out, she will make an amazing pet, one who’s personality will grow with her trust in her new owners. If you can offer Tintilla a home please contact us