I'm Star,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Star is a stunning black Irish Greyhound who is only two years old. Star is a huge boy, he still needs to gain a little weight, but we are expecting him to tip the scales at 40 - 42 kgs.

Star is a lovely natured, happy, well-adjusted boy. He is everything you would hope a young Greyhound to be, he loves to play and takes great delight in all things new, and he simple adores fuss and attention. Star is more than ready to embark on his new life as a family pet.

Star, when he gains some more weight, and his coat begins to gleam in the way that only black Greyhounds can, is going to be a real head turner and we are sure he will be in great demand for photographs.
Added to this Star has a couple of quirky body parts! Star has a very waggy tail, but Star’s tail goes round and round like a helicopter and looks very comical. Star also has an overshot top jaw giving him an extra-long and very handsome nose, however, that isn’t the quirky bit, Star is strangely able to bend and move the very end of his nose which is very useful for smelling around corners!
His nose and general persona remind us a little of Pluto. Who knows, we may have the next big Disney star at Hector’s!

Star due to his young age will enjoy a more active lifestyle, he can live as an only dog or with female dogs, he is not cat safe.
Star, due to his size, will take up a little more room than your average Greyhounds, probably a whole settee!

If you can adopt this fabulous boy, please contact us.