I'm Stan,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Stan is four years old and is a big handsome boy who and has retired from Greyhound racing. 

Stan is everything the books say about retired Greyhounds, nice natured, gentle and laid back. This gorgeous boy is more than ready to find his forever home. Stan if he was a human would be the type of person who is always popular with lots of friends. He is so happy and friendly he makes everyone who meets him smile. 

Stan will love his forever family with a passion, he will assume you will love him back as completely and as passionately as he loves you, this he won’t be prepared to share with another dog so he will need to live in a home as an only dog. Stan is not cat safe. 

Stan is a big Greyhound with a strong roman nose and is already a very handsome, eye catching dog, when he finds his forever home Stan will lose his kennel coat and develop the shiny, gleaming coat only the black Greyhounds have, then this boy will then look truly magnificent. As an extra bonus Stan has the most amazing soulful eyes just waiting to be gazed into. 

Stan is such a happy, affection and loving boy. Can you make his world complete with a forever home ?  If you can offer Stan a home please contact us.