I'm Spud,

a rescue lurcher and I want to be adopted.

Spud is reserved
4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Spud is a big Lurcher boy aged around four years old. Yes we know Spud is a terrible name, but he was nicknamed Spud when he arrived at the Kennels and it stuck because it sort of suits him in a strange way. We have tried a variety of names, but still always refer to him as Spud! 

Spud was abandoned at night on a busy roadside, luckily he was rescued by the police before he was involved in an accident. Spud was in a very poor condition, emaciated and full of worms, but his sunny disposition shone through right from the start, he was delighted with his ride in a police car and even more delighted at sharing the policemen's supper at the station! 

Spud’s breed mix is something that will always be a conversation point, we have no idea what it is -  Saluki X, Lurcher Collie, Fox Hound ! Everything has been suggested, but one thing is certain he loves people and gives the biggest, best cuddles ever. He greets everything in life with enthusiasm and happiness and high energy. 

Spud is a clearly a very clever dog and learns very quickly. He is very athletic and  strong and can easily clears our 5ft kennel gate - his party piece to entertain visitors which he does with a huge grin ! Spud will probably love agility training or other activities like Canicross.

Spud has lived in a home and is house trained, he needs to live with an active family with someone who is home for much of the day and prepared to continue his training. He loves children but would need to live with older, robust children due to Spuds size and exuberance, we have no doubt he will also try to be a lap dog ! 

While Spud is clearly a people dog he doesn’t always interact well with other dogs, he will need a home where he is an only dog and he will need to wear a muzzle while out in public. Spud has energy that he need to be burn in a safe environment which is why we think he would enjoy and excel at activities like agility. Spud even when wearing a muzzle can only be let off lead in a safe environment. 

This gorgeous boy has already gone through more hardship than any dog deserves. The fact that he happily forgives and shrugs it off is testament to his happy nature.

If you can offer Spud the loving forever home he deserves please contact us