I'm Sky, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

7 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Sky is an Irish Greyhound who, after finishing her Greyhound racing career, was used for breeding. Sky had raised four litters of puppies; she is seven years old .

Sky is now more than deserving of enjoying some special time in a loving home. Sky, unfortunately, has spent all of her life in racing kennels, either racing herself or raising racing puppies. Poor Sky is unsure how to relax and enjoy anything for herself, and she is quite a nervous, shy girl.

Sky is slowly getting used to life in Hector’s kennels and beginning to understand we ask nothing of her and only give love and kindness. We have been thrilled to see her playing with one of the young Greyhounds in our paddock and are sure she will eventually begin to blossom and enjoy her newfound freedom.

Sky will need to be given time and patience to learn to adapt and trust her new owners and her new home. She must have a home with someone who will not give up on her no matter how slowly her trust is given. Sky will bond deeply when she shares her love, and she must never be let down once she has given it.

Sky can live as an only dog, she of course, will also gain confidence from living with another dog.
Sky needs to live in a quiet home with a quiet routine with no surprises. Sky is really frightened of children and would also be distressed by living and coping with the busy life of a teenager.

We will update Sky’s profile as she grows in confidence with us, and she begins to realise she no longer has to work to do and can enjoy the rest of her life.

If you can offer this beautiful, gentle girl a forever home, please contact us.