I'm Rocco,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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5 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Rocco is a beautiful male black Greyhound with striking white snowflakes flecked throughout his coat, he is a five-year-old retired ex-racing Greyhound.

Rocco was rescued by Hector’s last November, he was lucky enough to find himself in one of Hector’s fabulous foster homes and settled very well and was quickly rehomed.

Hector’s sometimes ask for experienced Greyhound owners for some of our Greyhounds, Rocco was deemed suitable for a first-time greyhound owner and went off to his new home with our confidence.

Hector’s are sometimes criticised for being too “fussy” with our home checks. We accept this criticism and refuse to change because we want every home offer to work out perfectly and for none of Hector’s dogs to be let down by our actions.

Rocco is the only dog we have had returned this year, we are still trying to work out where we went wrong. We can only write the facts as we find them when we profile our dogs and will do so with Rocco.

Rocco was completely house trained when he went to his new home, unfortunately, he didn’t maintain this. He has returned to his foster carer and has immediately been totally clean in the house again.

Rocco was suffering from separation anxiety in his new home, however, Rocco is happy to be left for four or five hours in his foster home and greets his foster mum with a chilled out "oh you’ve been out!" when she returns. Rocco is, in our 25 years experienced foster mums words, "A very easy foster".

The only difference with Rocco’s home and his foster home is a resident Lurcher, although Rocco doesn’t appear to depend on her, we will now ask that Rocco is rehomed to a home that has another resident dog. Rocco can live with any breed of dog, he is not cat safe.

Rocco is terrified of children and frightened of the noise children make when playing. Rocco needs a child free home and a garden free from the sounds of children playing and noisy neighbours. 

In short Rocco is a big woose!  He hates loud noises, he hates cross voices and any unnecessary noise. He needs a quiet, calm home and would welcome a regular routine with no surprises. 

Rocco is such a gentle, kind and loving soul, he gives the most wonderful gentle cuddles and when he gazes into your eyes he simply melts your heart. 

Rocco needs a gentle, loving home where he can simply be what he is, a big lovable woose.

If you can offer this special, kind and gentle boy a forever home please contact us.