I'm Ricky, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Ricky is a white and black Greyhound who has recently retired from Greyhound racing. Ricky is four years old. 

Ricky is living in a Hector's foster home where he settled very quickly, he is house trained and used to being left alone for around four hours a day while his foster mum goes to work. 
He walks well on a lead and is good travelling in the car. He is currently happily living alongside a resident female bossy Lurcher and a male foster Lurcher. 

Ricky is living with Hector's most experienced foster carer who has fostered hundreds of hounds who knows that your heart can't afford to fall in love with them all. We know Ricky must be an extraordinary boy for she has fallen for Ricky, he has become a firm favourite. He will undoubtedly be taking a little piece of his foster mum's heart with him when he moves on to his forever home. 

To quote Ricky's foster mum, she says "He makes her laugh out loud every day". Ricky is a bit of a comedian, a real clown. We are not sure whether he does daft things to enjoy the reaction it gets, or if he is merely daft! Either way, he's a fun dog to be around, and he is guaranteed to make you laugh every day. 

Ricky loves children, but he does need to be around older children as he is a big, bouncy dog, and little people could get knocked over during his more exuberant moments. 
Ricky loves to play with his toys and will entertain himself playing with them, he loves doing zoomies around the garden.
Ricky's foster mum tells the tale of having to get up at midnight and go downstairs to take away a squeaky toy he was happily entertaining himself with, through fear of complaints from the neighbours! 

Ricky can live as any only Greyhound or with another large dog. Ricky is not cat safe. Care will need to be taken around small lively dogs as Ricky can be reactive to them, although Ricky does appear to adapt and react differently to smaller dogs that are known to him. 

I'm probably about to lose my job as Hector's dog's profile writer, but for anyone who remembers the earlier Eastenders episodes where Bianca shrieks Ricky's name - that is what your home will be like if you adopt Ricky! 

Will it be filled with fun & laughter? Yes absolutely! We predict many stories to tell about this fabulous boy.

If you can offer this wonderful, happy boy a forever home, please contact us.