I'm Ricky,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

3 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Ricky is a white and black Greyhound who has recently retired from Greyhound racing. Ricky is just three years old, he will have his fourth birthday in September and would love to celebrate this in his forever home.

Ricky is a lovable Greyhound, life with Ricky will never be dull!
Ricky is a clever boy and is keen to learn everything he’s missed out on in racing Kennels and doesn’t miss a trick. Anyone who thinks they won’t be caught out by a clever Greyhound be warned, Ricky will just know where you keep all your favourite snacks! 

Ricky made it his mission to explore and find out how every inch of how Hector’s Kennels works, thankfully he has been happy with all the facilities!  Ricky is learning how to use Hector’s washing machine, but Hector’s will accept no liability for colours mixed with whites if you adopt Ricky. 

I’m probably about to lose my job as Hector’s dog's profile writer, but for anyone who remembers the earlier Eastenders episodes where Bianca shrieks Ricky’s name - that is what your home will be like if you adopt Ricky! 
Will it be filled with fun & laughter? Yes absolutely! We predict many stories to tell about this fabulous boy. 

Ricky still has a strong prey drive and isn’t small dog or cat safe. He will need a child-free, or a home with older robust children to play with. Ricky is still a young dog and has many puppy traits in a fully grown body. 

If you can offer this wonderful, happy boy a forever home please contact us.