I'm Raffa, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

6 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Despite being an elegant and friendly soul, Raffa's days in the kennels are marked by a disheartening routine. When visitors step into the space he calls home, anticipation sparks in his eyes, and he gracefully jumps down from his bed, eager to offer a warm greeting but the response he receives is often disappointing – a mere glance and a quick dismissal.

Raffa's wagging tail and hopeful demeanour tell a silent tale of unspoken longing. People, unfortunately, dub him the "ugly duckling" rather than embracing his handsome greying muzzle and his amazing unconventional ears. Each missed opportunity leaves him silently hoping that the next set of footsteps might bring the understanding and companionship he patiently awaits.

Raffa isn't cat enthusiastic and a home with children age 10 years or above would suit him. He could live as an only dog or alongside a female Greyhound.

Raffa worked hard as a racing dog and deserves his moment on the sofa. He is a fabulous boy and has many years of love to give his forever family. If you can offer this gorgeous boy a home, please contact us.