I'm Punch and Judy, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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7 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Punch and Judy are two Whippets that are a bonded pair and must be rehomed together. Love or hate their names, these were their given names when Hector’s rescued them, Hector’s always try to stay true to our rescue dogs identity and both dogs recall to these given names. 

Hector’s were alerted to Punch and Judy’s tragic situation by a Veterinary practice asking for Hector’s help during the height of the COVID lockdown. Sadly Punch and Judy had only been with their owner a few months before they passed away leaving them homeless. 

We have very limited information about Punch & Judy’s past, but every indication points to the fact that they have been used for breeding. Judy who is probably around seven years old has clearly had several litters of puppies, it is also obvious both dogs have had very limited social interaction during their lives. 

Sadly Punch who is also around seven years old has been diagnosed with a progressive eye defect, he has limited sight and will eventually go totally blind. Unfortunately, there is no treatment available to save his sight. Punch relies heavily on Judy as his companion to guide him and this is why both dogs MUST be rehomed as a pair.

When Punch & Judy first came to us it was very apparent that whatever had happened to them in the past, what they needed was a period of time to adjust and to learn to trust, to find enjoyment in life, and simply learn what it is like to be a normal dog. This we have given them and they are now ready to find an understanding and loving home.

Both Punch and Judy have exceeded our initial expectations over the few months they have been with us, sadly though it is evident that they have never lived as family pets.

They have both progressed to being much cleaner in their kennel, but they will still need house training and it is very apparent they have never seen the outside world like other dogs. They are both very reactive to other dogs passing their kennel but very sociable to the Greyhound adjoining them who they happily go out with for exercise in our paddock with. 

Both of these Whippets have very quickly melted our hearts as they learnt to trust and love us back. Punch is probably the less trusting of the two, probably because of his failing eyesight but he is also the most loyal once he knows he can trust you.

Punch & Judy are not going to be the easiest of dogs to adopt, but they will be one of the most deserving of a loving home and one of the most rewarding as you watch their confidence grow. 

Punch and Judy must be rehomed together as Punch needs Judy to guide him with his diminishing eyesight. They will probably be best rehomed as the only dogs unless a resident dog is patient enough to look after them both. They need a quiet, patient home without children, they are not cat safe. 

 If you can offer these special little dogs the loving home they now deserve, please contact us.