I'm Poppy, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Poppy is a pretty dark brindle Greyhound girl who is only just two years old.
Poppy was born in Ireland destined for Greyhound racing, we don’t believe Poppy has ever raced, she was probably far too sweet and gentle to have coped with a race track.

Poppy arrived at Hector’s from Ireland a terrified, frightened little girl. Even though she was clearly terrified of us, it was plain to see, she craved affection and was desperate for a fuss if only she could be brave enough. Poppy used to watch us through frightened little eyes waiting to see if we would hurt her and carefully observed the other dogs interactions with us.
Poppy has done amazingly well in a very short time and now loves attention and a cuddle from people she knows and trusts, she remains wary and timid with people she doesn’t know.

Poppy needs a home alongside another dog who she can draw confidence from and learn that the world isn’t a scary place and that she is safe. She would find it too challenging to learn to cope in a home as an only dog. Poppy is not cat safe.

We are asking for a quiet home for Poppy, one without the bustle and noise of children with a busy life. Poppy will gain confidence in a quiet calm home without any surprises, somewhere she can learn to relax and feel safe.

Poppy needs a patient understanding home with someone prepared to help Poppy‘s confidence grow so she can learn to trust again and not be afraid.
To watch this gorgeous girl learn to enjoy the world will be a fantastic reward for offering her a forever home.

If you can offer Poppy a home, please contact us.