I'm Percy, a rescue lurcher and I want to be adopted.

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Percy is a very good-looking Saluki X Greyhound, he is a young dog, only around eighteen months old. Percy is living in a Hector’s foster home alongside two other Greyhounds and another Saluki X. 

Percy is a very clever boy who is keen to learn, especially if it results in a treat! He settled very quickly into his foster home and was clean in the house immediately, it was also clear that he already had some manners regarding the senior dogs in the house and has given them some respect, however being young and carefree he does occasionally forget and needs a little reminding which he takes with good grace.

Percy is totally gorgeous, he is very affectionate and loving and adores human company, this he does takes to the extreme - don’t expect ever to visit the bathroom without company again if you adopt young Percy! 

Percy is used to being left alone for part of the day in the company of the resident dogs while his foster carers are at work. Percy would probably be a little worried if he was an only dog and would need his owner to be around for much of the day if he didn’t have another dog for company, but he would be happy on his own as long as he had plenty of human company. 

Saluki’s are very loyal, loving dogs and bond very deeply with their owners, they do however have stubborn traits and can be difficult to train. Percy will be no exception, he is still a young dog and will have energy to burn, we are sure he will also display the usual Saluki noncompliance if there is something else he would rather do, although he does do a perfect sit!

Percy needs a forever home living with someone with sighthound/ Saluki experience or who has researched this fabulous breed and understand that although wonderful, they are just that little bit different to other dogs.

Percy would enjoy and benefit from someone who was prepared to further his training, possibly with agility or similar, but he would just as happy to settle for nice long walks. 

If you can adopt this gorgeous boy, please contact us.

Ask us about Percy