I'm Peggy,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Peggy is a pretty black Greyhound girl who has recently retired from Greyhound racing. 

Peggy was born in Ireland on 11th September 2018, so she is still very young, she received the rather unattractive racing name of Pony Peg hence her name Peggy. 

Peggy is a friendly, happy girl. She craves attention and human company and loves nothing better than playing with Hector’s dog toys, she particularly enjoys chasing after a ball and is delighted when someone throws it for her. 
Greyhound racing wasn’t something Peggy was suited to do; she probably preferred to play and mess around, so she wasn’t particularly very good at it which is why she was lucky to retire so early. 

It is evident when you meet Peggy that she wants to put kennel life behind her so she can explore the world, enjoy life and have some fun with her forever people beside her. 

Due to her young age, Peggy will enjoy a more active lifestyle than the average retired Greyhound. She would benefit from having someone around for most of the day so she can enjoy long walks, playtime or accompany you with whatever you are doing. Peggy is young and confident enough to adjust to most lifestyles.

Peggy is not cat safe; she can live as an only dog or alongside a male Greyhound. Care will need to be taken with Peggy around small dogs as she is not small furries safe, despite being so young she does have a high prey drive and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

If you can offer Peggy a home, please contact us.