I'm Olivia, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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6 months
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Little Olivia is an adorable six month old Galgo puppy. Olivia was rescued along with her mother from a Kill Station in Spain. How they arrived at the Kill Station, or what happened to her siblings sadly we will never know, but we do know they were both desperately in need of help. 
Little Olivia hopefully was spared too many horrors in Spain by staying close to her mother, she appears unaffected by whatever happened to them and happily embraced her arrival at Hector’s and the chance to have some proper puppy fun ! 

Olivia is a delightful, sweet, innocent little girl who is becoming more mischievous as she gains confidence. Olivia being a puppy and with the right training will be able to adapt to any family life. She can adapt to living with other animals, she would love a child to play with and will become the most amazing family pet.Olivia is very cute and lovable, and completely captivating. Olivia will make the most perfect, well behaved, fun and loving pet, a beautiful Galgo girl to be proud of. 
However - Before Olivia’s journey is complete she needs training she is no different to any other six months old puppy. 
Olivia’s forever family need to be committed to having the patience and time to spend with Olivia to socialise and train. Galgos puppies are no different to Greyhound puppies and we are quite certain Olivia will run through your house at forty miles and into your garden trailing your prized possessions behind her. She will leave some unique puppy graffiti carved into furniture and your home will never look quite the same again.

Please consider carefully if you have the time and patience to commit to Olivia. All puppies and Olivia especially do not deserve to be returned to rescue as an out of control adolescent dog that is difficult to rehome because her owners didn’t spend time to train them. Sadly this does happen, Olivia especially does not deserve this. 
Olivia has been vaccinated and tested negative for Mediterranean diseases before coming to the UK. 

If you can offer Olivia the safe, loving home she truly deserves where she can blossom into a fabulous young dog please contact us