I'm Noa, a rescued galgo looking for a forever home.

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4 years
Cat safe
Possibly cat safe

Noa is only four years old, but she has the wisdom of a much older dog, the gentle kindness of this dog just oozes from her, if she was a human she would have so many friends wanting to help her. Noa was rescued heavily pregnant and gave birth and raised her puppies at the rescue. Noa is fit and healthy and more than ready for a new happy life. While Noa sits in the Rescue kennel in Spain, other dogs die. It really is as simple as that 😢

Hector’s tried Noa out on a sofa to see how she would adapt to a rescued Greyhound life in England and guess what? She fits perfectly and she gives the biggest, gentlest of cuddles.
Please help us rescue Noa.