I'm Murphy, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

5 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Murphy adores human company and is very loving and affectionate. Murphy didn’t survive his racing career for five years without learning a few life skills; Murphy is probably at expert level for a Greyhound!

If you let Murphy see a weakness in your house rules, he will seize the opportunity to take over your bed, settee and fridge - all while you wait on his every desire.
Put down firm rules, and Murphy will respect you and become a fabulous, loyal and loving companion, he will steal your heart forever. Murphy is a gorgeous boy; he is intelligent and very confident and proud of who he is; he needs a confident dog owner who also wants to be proud of their dog.

Murphy is not cat safe, and care will be needed around small dogs, he can live with older teenage children. Murphy needs to live as an only dog. Murphy is an intelligent Greyhound; it didn’t take him long to work out “why share if you can have it all for yourself”!
Murphy would like it all, just him and his owners to whom he will give his undying love and respect. If you can provide the same love and respect back to him, you would never regret adopting this beautiful boy.

This gorgeous boy is more than deserving of finding a wonderful forever home. If you can offer Murphy a home, please contact us.