I'm Mojo, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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8 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Mojo is eight years old but could never, ever be described as an old Greyhound. Mojo has simply used his years to gain wisdom to pit his wits against humans to obtain the best lifestyle he possibly can! Mojo is a very handsome, blue coloured Greyhound, he knows he’s handsome and charming and uses this his full advantage, he is an expert, intelligent Greyhound and needs an intelligent owner who has expert knowledge of Greyhounds and their ways to keep him in his place. 

Mojo is really affectionate and like nothing more than a fuss and a cuddle, he also likes to settle down for a good chat. He chatters his teeth and chunters away for as long as you are prepared to listen so he is actually great company, however, the last word on any matter is always Mojos whatever you are discussing! 

Mojo assesses very situation he is in within seconds to establish what would make his life better and more comfortable. When Mojo walks into a room he will spot the best seat and take it for himself unless he is stopped. He needs an owner that is one step ahead of him keep him in his place which he accepts ( apart from a little chunter about the unfairness of life!). Give Mojo an inch and he will take a mile, have firm rules and stick to them and he is a wonderful companion. 

Mojo enjoys being a Greyhound and his very proud of his heritage and as expected from this type of dog he swaggers along showing off when he is out and about. Mojo hates cats and small dogs and needs a firm hand while walking and will always need to wear a muzzle while out in public. However, this is a stark comparison to what he looks like at home - a daft lazy dog who when he’s not chatting to you will be fast asleep in the roach position. Mojo has some really unique and very funny sleeping positions. 

Mojo has been happily fostered with other Greyhounds and is respectful towards them. He is house-trained and happy to be left at home to sleep for part of the day. Mojo looking for a child free home with an experienced large dog or Greyhound owner who will enjoy Mojo's great company but keep him firmly in his place.

If you can offer this big handsome boy a home please contact us.