I'm Mirna, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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4 years
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Hector’s Galgos have all been neutered, vaccinated and tested for Mediterranean diseases before coming to the UK. They have also all been thoroughly health checked by a Veterinary surgeon on arrival to the UK.

Mirna is beautiful Galgo girl who is approximately four years old. Mirna came to Hector’s from a Spanish Rescue Galgo en Familia in Spain. Mirna was rescued in Spain along with two other dogs, she was in a skeletal condition, literally starving and was probably hours away from death. Little Mirna has captured all of Hector’s hearts with her love of life and forgiveness and love of humans that have caused her immense suffering.

We were amazed at how Mirna managed to survive, however as Mirna’s recovery began the reason she survived has become apparent - sweet, gentle little Mirna is not what she first appears to be, she has a steely strength and a self preservation obstinate streak ! and this is why she didn’t die.

Mirna has an aura around her which is difficult to describe - but we defy anyone to meet her and not bestow her head with a kiss, it’s almost like she knew if she could survive she would move on to a wonderful, better life. 

Mirna wants to become a spoilt princess, she will be trained on her terms ( if she want to ) and will require a human to adore her and shower her with love (and food !) Mirna would love a Slave opps ! an owner who is home for much of the day, she loves people company. 

Mirna doesn’t like to share, she is good around other dogs but wants everything just for herself and is determined enough to ensure that this happens, we feel Mirna needs to live as an only dog. We don’t normally recommend that dogs are turned into spoilt princesses but in Mirna’s case after all she has gone through who are we to tell her that she’s wrong ?

If you have a suitable forever castle for this special, gentle little girl please contact us