I'm Mirna, a rescued galgo looking for a forever home.

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2 years
Cat safe
Possibly cat safe

Mirna is the second of the six Galgo Greyhounds Hector’s are raising money to rescue. Mirna has been perfectly named, Mirna means beautiful and gentle in Spanish. 

Although Mirna’s emaciated condition is heartbreaking, what actually moved us to tears when we met her is her gentle, loving nature and the complete forgiveness for the pain she has been through.

Hector’s aim was to choose and rescue six recovered Galgos who are ready to go and live in a forever home, this way the wonderful Galgos en Familia Rescue can save six more Galgos in their place. Clearly, Mirna isn’t quite ready - no names mentioned, but someone from Hector’s whispered a promise in little Mirna’s ear that we will find her a British sofa for her to rest on forever, who could argue with this? 

Let’s get Mirna to the UK and a forever sofa, we hate begging for money, but please can you help fund Mirna to find a loving home?