I'm Mimi, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

5 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Are you ready to open your heart and home to a loving, graceful, and charming companion? Look no further – Mimi will steal your heart! This beautiful five-year-old greyhound is waiting for her forever home with you.

Mimi is the sweetest and has all the classic greyhound traits, from her enthusiasm for walks to her ability to sleep through the day in the most adorable positions. If you're searching for a four-legged friend who loves nothing more than lounging on a comfortable sofa right next to you, Mimi is the perfect match.

Mimi started her life as a racer, but she finished that chapter with a broken leg but this doesn't hold her back one bit. She is a lively soul, brimming with life and eager to embrace a new adventure with a loving family who'll cherish her every day.

At five years old, Mimi is at the perfect age to settle into a loving home. She's already mastered the art of being a companion and whether you're going for long walks, relaxing on the sofa, or simply sharing quiet moments together, Mimi will be your faithful and loving sidekick.

Mimi is ready to embark on the next chapter of her life, and she's eagerly awaiting the chance to meet her new family. Could that family be yours?

If you're looking for a sweet, pretty, loving greyhound to be your constant companion, please reach out to us today. Mimi is ready to bring joy, love, and endless snuggles into your home. Get in touch to arrange a meeting with this beautiful greyhound today!