I'm Milly, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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6 years
Cat safe
Cat workable

Milly is a little girl of six or seven years old, however hard we try and disguise her it is very obvious that she is not a Greyhound ! Hector’s were asked to help a devastated Milly when she had nowhere else to go after very sadly her beloved owner died.

Milly is used to farm animals, she is also cat safe. Poor Milly is currently in a Kennel place and is very sad, she desperately wants someone to love her and clings in an almost human way to cuddle so desperate is she to find someone to love. 
Although Milly is clearly very sad this doesn’t disguise her personality! You would expect a frightened little girl, however Milly just oozes personality and character and has become a firm favourite at the Kennels. Her personality will return fully in a home environment and she will become a great companion.

Milly is obviously housetrained and is used to living in a house, her needs are simple she wants someone to love her. Milly has an interesting reaction to motorbikes,  she screams with excitement and tries desperately to get to the motorcycle, sadly because she can’t talk we have no idea why she behaves this way. This is noted because otherwise she is a calm, lovely dog but her new owner will need to be aware of her motorcycle fetish! 

Can you mend this little girls broken heart ? If you can offer Milly a home please contact us