I'm Million, and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Million is reserved
4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Million is a small black Greyhound who has recently retired from Greyhound racing.

Hector’s often mentions that little black Greyhound girls are overlooked, and people miss out on their fabulous characters. They usually have the biggest personalities and characters out of all the Greyhounds.

Million in true “little black Greyhound girl“ character has managed to totally rock her moth-eaten & tatty appearance and still look gorgeous! Those of you who have owned a black Greyhound before will know that her coat will gleam and look fabulous after a few months. Unfortunately, the scars she bears will stay, but they tell her story.

Million adores people; she loves people attention; dare we go as far as saying she is a tart on here? She loves kissing people and laps up any attention she can get; we are sure she does flutter her eyelashes.
Millions dream of becoming a spoilt princess does not involve sharing with another dog; she can be jealous and wants all the love and people attention just for herself - who are we to argue or try and change her mind? If Million wants a princess house of her own, we will ask for it.

Million is not cat safe and does have a high prey drive, so care will need to be taken around small dogs.

If you can offer this gorgeous little girl a forever home and make her dream of becoming a princess come true, please contact us.