I'm Luke,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe
Luke is a big black Greyhound who is only two years old. He ran only a few Greyhound races in his short career where it was most apparent Greyhound racing was not a world in which he would excel. Luke is a big  Greyhound and when he gains his gleaming black much “loved family pet glossy coat” this boy is going to look truly magnificent ! 
Luke is a lovely natured, clumsy boy who is a bit of a clown. He seems unaware that his body has grown into an amazing specimen of a Greyhound because his brain is still telling him he’s a puppy. We are sure he would quite happily sit on your knee for a cuddle if you let him. 
Luke is going to make an amazing, very loyal pet who has many years of love and fun to give to his owners. Be prepared to be stopped regularly for people to admire Luke if you adopt him for this boy is certainly going to be a real eye catcher.
Luke walks well on the lead when he gets over his excitement of going out with you on an adventure. Luke needs to live as an only dog, he is so delighted with everything he has he’s not willing to share with any other dogs. Luke is not cat safe.
Luke needs a home with older, robust children simply because of his size and strength and daft nature, we feel he could easily squash little people if he sat on them ???? Also Luke really loves to play and needs to learn to play with a little less exuberance.
Luke is a fabulous Greyhound, if you are looking for a larger Greyhound then this boy will will tick all the boxes Please contact us if you can offer Luke a forever home.