I'm Lucy, a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

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5 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Lucy is a five year old Greyhound girl who has retired from Greyhound racing. Lucy is a sociable, playful girl who loves playing with her toys. Lucy is not cat safe but is good with other dogs and would be equally happy living as an only dog or living alongside other dogs. 

Lucy is very affectionate and loves to have a fuss and a cuddle. Sadly many of the black Greyhound girls are overlooked because of their colour, but when Lucy finds her forever home and her coat gleams in the way only a black Greyhounds coat can, she will become a stunningly beautiful girl.

Lucy is full of personality and character and will make a wonderful pet and companion. 

If you can offer Lucy a home please contact us

Ask us about Lucy