I'm Legend, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Legend, the 4-year-old greyhound is a black and white beauty with a heart full of potential. He is an ex-racer who has had an unsettled life so far and adopts a cautious outlook, but he wants his future to have a deep and lasting connection. He's a greyhound who's ready to make his mark as a beloved companion in a patient and loving forever home.

Legend's shyness is a part of his unique charm. He's a timid soul who takes his time to build trust and form deep connections. Once he gets to know you, his true personality emerges, revealing a loyal, loving, and devoted companion who's eager to be by your side.

Legend enjoys quiet moments and a calm, patient approach. Gentle larger furry companions, soft-spoken words, and a loving touch help him feel safe and cherished. He loves leisurely walks in serene settings, where he can take in the world at his own pace. As he becomes more comfortable, Legend will likely reveal a playful side and engage in fun activities with you.

Legend thrives in an environment where patience and understanding are the norm. A calm and peaceful home is essential for his well-being. He will do well in a household with adults or older children who can provide a nurturing and loving atmosphere.

If you're seeking a loyal and devoted friend who will reward your patience with unwavering love and trust, Legend is the one. By opening your heart to this timid greyhound, you'll create a legendary bond that will last a lifetime.