I'm Kipper,

a rescue lurcher and I want to be adopted.

11 months
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Kipper is a hairy Lurcher who is just eleven months old. He has had been clipped before our photos were taken so make no mistake he is definitely a Hairy Lurcher!

Kipper responds to basic commands and is used to being around children. He is good with and has been used to being around other breed dogs. Kipper is still very young and he loves to have a good game with any dog that is up for having some fun ! He has learned to have some respect for older dogs that don’t want to play and needs to continue with the training he already appears to have.

Kipper Is a little nervous of strangers when he first meets someone new and does need some reassurance, he’s not terrified, but just uncertain and he doesn’t come across as an overconfident young dog.

Kipper we think is going to be a big, shaggy boy. Although he is a little bit uncertain at the moment and is relatively calm for an eleven-month-old Lurcher, we can confidently predict what he will be like once he has settled in his forever home and feels safe and secure ...Kipper will become your worst nightmare!
He’s guaranteed to make you laugh, he will also make you cry, but most of all he will make you LOVE unconditionally and he will definitely become a life long much-loved member of your family.

Kipper is young enough to slot into any lifestyle, due to his size we don’t think he will be suited to families with children under eight years old, he will become exuberant in his play sessions. Kipper definitely needs to continue with his training, you will get back from the work you are prepared to put in, but this has already been started with Kipper he does respond to basic commands like sit.

Kipper will probably regress a little when he feels secure and will recapture some of his puppyhood he has missed out on and want to have a little fun.
If you are the sort of person who can shrug off, minutes before your Mother in Law visits coping with a Lurcher style circuit of your muddy garden - through your living room carpets - over the settee and upstairs over your freshly laundered beds - & repeat ... all with a smile still on your face then Kipper is definitely the dog for you.

Please do your research about Lurchers, know what to expect and we can guarantee you will never be disappointed with this totally gorgeous boy.

If you can offer Kipper a forever home please contact us