I'm Kieron, and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Kieran is a gorgeous Irish Greyhound who has recently retired from Greyhound racing; he is four years old. Kieran has a beautiful and unusual colouring; he is a fawn colour with white snowflakes flecked throughout his coat.

Kieran is quite a shy, nervous boy, but once he knows he can trust you, he enjoys a fuss and a cuddle and is very loving; he always stands back, airing on the side of caution until his sweet little face draws you to him.
Kieran has the most fantastic pair of ears, whether he can control them is still under debate, but he is happy to oblige with photos of both ears, just one ear or no ears!

Kieran is not cat safe; due to his lack of confidence and nervous nature, he needs a home with a quiet routine and no surprises, somewhere he can gain his trust and allow his real personality to blossom. Children would probably increase Kieran’s anxious nature.
Kieran would probably enjoy the company of a confident female Greyhound or another large breed female who could guide him into the world outside of a racing kennel.

If you can offer this beautiful, gentle boy a forever home, please contact us.