I'm Jody,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Jody is a gorgeous black Greyhound girl who has recently retired from Greyhound racing, Jody will be five years old on 13th August, it would be wonderful if she could celebrate her birthday in her forever home. 

Jody is a sweet little girl, she craves human company and contact, she is very keen to please and is delighted when she is cuddled and praised. Jody likes to weigh up a situation so she can trust it’s safe to show her personality, when she feels secure she loves to play with toys and have some fun, she is an affectionate and loving little girl. 

Jody is a sweet, gentle girl, we always say little black Greyhound girls are a real treasure when discovered as they have tremendous personalities, we are sure once Jody finds he feet in her forever home she will be no exception, she is just at the moment a little uncertain about what her newfound freedom really means and is not sure how much she is allowed to enjoy it. 

Jody has had a successful racing career, she isn’t cat safe and will need cautious introducing to other breeds of dog, Jody can live as an only dog or alongside other Greyhounds. 

This beautiful, gentle girl is so deserving of a loving forever home. If you can offer Jody a home please contact us