I'm Jock,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Jock is a handsome white and brindle Greyhound. He broke his leg while Greyhound racing in Ireland. Jock travelled to Hector's and underwent specialist Orthopaedic surgery to repair his leg; he is just four years old.
Jock has recovered well from his surgery and is a credit to his surgeon's skills; he still needs a few more weeks on only short lead walks before his rehabilitation is complete. He has sailed through his recovery and been so patient with the enforced rest.

Jock has impressed everyone, including his surgeon and Veterinary Nurses with his gentle well-mannered acceptance of his treatment and has become a firm favourite at Hector's Veterinary practice. The way he coped with his treatment is a testament to his lovely nature.

If Jock were a person, he would be known as a nice guy the type of person people seek out to have as their friend.
Jock is gentle, kind and patient. Jock is excellent company. He's not too in your face just steady and kind with a great sense of humour. He is always happy and looks on the bright side of life, even when life isn't going well for him. Jock has a presence about him that makes you like him even if your preference is for a different coloured or different breed of dog. You will be drawn to Jock.
Jock is just Jock, a nice guy.

Jock isn't cat safe. He can live as an only dog or alongside other dogs. Jock will probably slip into his forever home and appear as he has always lived there. One thing is guaranteed you will love this gorgeous boy and never regret adopting him.

If you can offer Jock the wonderful forever home, he deserves, please contact us