I'm Jett, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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3 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Jett is a gorgeous Lurcher boy who is probably only around three years old. Jett was unwanted and handed into Hector’s in quite a poor condition.

We have a minimal history on Jett, but whatever his history it’s evident to see he is terrified of men. Jett will prefer to have a lady owner, and any men in his life will need to be very gentle and kind to win his confidence.
Jett, surprisingly for such a nervous dog, actually appears to like and trust children even more than women. We suspect he had been around & loved a child at some point in his life. Although Jett is pictured with a young child handler Hector’s are asking that he isn’t rehomed to a home with children under nine years old.

When Jett is feeling comfortable and safe, he shows glimpses of being a regular, bonkers Lurcher! We do not doubt once he has found his feet in a loving home, he will be a boisterous, playful and cheeky boy.

The Saluki bit of his breed mix already shows as he is quite talkative, Jett like many Salukis needs to live in a harmonious home as he will be very sensitive to cross words.
When Jett puts his defences down and chooses to love someone, it will be profound and unconditional. He does not deserve to be let down ever again, so his forever home really must be forever.

Jett needs a garden with high and secure boundaries; he is very agile and would readily jump over low fencing. Jett will probably always remain anxious and wary of strangers and in particular men. He may get frightened in unfamiliar situations so a firm grip will need to be kept on his lead in case he should get spooked and run away in a panic.

Jett is a gorgeous, adorable boy, and it is clear he has much love and fun to give to an owner who has the patience to help him overcome his fears. To watch the little worried expression disappear from his face when he feels secure in his forever home will be priceless.

Jett can live as an only dog or alongside other dogs; he is not cat safe. If you can offer Jett a home, please contact us.