I'm Jamani, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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Jamani is a two year old black Irish Greyhound. He was destined to become a racing Greyhound; luckily for Jamani, his fate has taken him down a different path enabling him to spend a lifetime as a family pet.
His racing name, however, was very well picked - Stunning Jamani! Jamani is already a gorgeous black Greyhound; he will indeed be stunning when he leaves his puppyhood behind.

Jamani is a typical happy young Greyhound, half of him is still a daft, bouncy, playful puppy, and the other half is beginning to become a more sensible adult. Whatever mode he is in, he is a happy lovely natured boy who loves everyone else meets.

Jamani is more than ready to explore the world further, and with the right guidance, will be an excellent Greyhound to be proud of.
Jamani is good with all breeds of dogs. When he was small-dog-tested with Hector's resident Pug, he wasn't interested because a hundred yards away, there was a little girl he was desperate to go and play with! He is an intelligent boy and worked out that a little girl would be far more fun than a grumpy old pug who had told him off for sniffing!

Jamani being so young, can almost, with a little guidance and patience, become whatever you want him to be. Clearly, due to his age, he will enjoy an owner who is around for much of the day and will have more energy than your average retired Greyhound to go out exploring and having some fun.
Jamani will inevitably make e a few little mistakes, or perhaps they would be better described as memories. He has a lifetime of memories to make with his forever family.

Hector's do always ask for families without small children to adopt our dogs, and we also ask this for Jamani, he is a big dog, and little people can easily get knocked over in a moment of exuberance. Jamani can live as an only dog or alongside any breed of dog. He is not cat safe.

This gorgeous boy deserves to blossom into a well-adjusted adult dog in a home that is forever. If you can offer a home to Jamani, please contact us.