I'm Izzy, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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2 years
Cat safe
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Izzy is a Saluki X Greyhound who is under two years old. She was abandoned late at night, tied to a lamp post in the bitter cold. Poor Izzy clearly hadn’t had a good life before this, she was found very frightened, bewildered, filthy dirty and emaciated. 

Izzy has been through much in her short life that has affected her deeply, added to this her breed being a Saluki Cross means that we are asking for experienced owners only for Izzy’s forever home. We appreciate that if we don’t allow people to rehome a dog like Izzy without experience how can anyone gain experience?  This is true, however Izzy can not afford to be let down in a home that will fail; the damage to her would be too great, this is why we are asking for relevant experience only. 

Experienced, abused Saluki Cross owners are hopefully still reading on. 😁  You will not need reminding of the huge delight and achievement felt when you have won the trust and devotion of a dog like Izzy. Saluki breeds bond very deeply and Izzzy needs someone she can depend on, she will reward you for this many times over. Izzy is young, beautiful and very affectionate when she knows she can trust you. 

Izzy has lived in a foster home happily alongside two Greyhounds, although she was a little disappointed that they didn’t want to play as much as she did! 

Experienced abused Saluki Cross owners will know Izzy needs consistency and clear boundaries that can be pushed only when she settles in and feels secure. Too much, too soon and Izzy will feel too much pressure to take charge, something she can’t cope with. 

Izzy is so deserving of a loving home and with a little patience you will be rewarded with total love and devotion in true Saluki Cross style, and sadly in the style of abused dogs.

If you can offer Izzy a home please contact us