I'm Harry, a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

1 year
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Henry, Harry, Harriett and Hester are four sibling Greyhound puppies aged just twelve months old.

The profiles for these four gorgeous pups are currently the same for each of them. They are all very similar with the same needs. The only difference between them all is that Henry smiles a full on toothy smile 😀

Henry, Harry, Harriett and Hester were born in racing kennels and bear racing tattoos in their ears. Sadly they appear to have simply sat in a kennel since they were born waiting for their lives to begin 😢 These youngsters until they came to Hector’s have had very little handling or human interaction, they have never worn a collar or been put on a lead.Their profile photos were taken on 12/10/29 after they had been with Hector’s just over two weeks, the improvement in these dogs in such a short time has been vast, we probably wouldn’t have been able to take these photos two weeks ago. Hector’s will provide regular updates as they continue to improve. 

Henry, Harry, Harriett and Hester are very scared and timid, they will need a lot of patience to gain their trust before they even begin basic training. All four however have surprised us by how gentle and loving they are, they clearly crave love and enjoy having a gentle fuss and cuddle.

These young dogs will respond to the right handling and training, this is something that is going to take a lot of time and will require much patience taking one little step at a time. They are all exceptionally nice natured pups and will eventually make fabulous family pets, the benefits will be a great reward to all the hard work that is needed with them. 

These gorgeous dogs need to go to a home of their own and be split from their siblings. However to be rehomed as an only dog will be too difficult for them to cope with, they need to be rehomed to live alongside a steady dog they can draw confidence  from, learn from and copy. Their homes must be somewhere where someone is home for much of the day and a home where the time and interest to work with them is readily available. 

These gentle, beautiful puppies have been rescued just in time, they are young enough to respond to loving care, leaving hopefully fewer phycological scars from their sad start in life. 

If you have the time and commitment to help one of these gorgeous dogs and change their life please contact us