I'm Harriett,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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Harriet is a young Greyhound girl, little more than a puppy, she will be two years in September.
Harriet came to Hector’s with her sister and two brothers last October, they had spent their entire life in a kennel where they had received only the very minimum of care and very little human handling or interaction. Harriet bears a tattoo in her ear ready for a racing career that never began, she simply sat waiting in a kennel for her life to begin. 

Harriet’s sister was lucky enough to find a forever home very quickly and has settle well into a family home. Harriet is now ready to make the last part of her journey to happiness by also moving into a loving forever home. 

Harriet, when she first came to Hector’s despite being scared of being handled clearly craved human attention and love, and desperately tried to please. When she first came to Hector’s she was scared of having a collar and lead put on, she now walks quite well on a lead and enjoys going out for a walk. 

Harriet is a gentle loving girl and needs gentle and patient handling while she catches up on the learning, socialisation and life experiences that she missed for the first year of her life.

Harriet has exceeded more than we ever hoped she would achieve in the few months she has been with Hector’s. Harriet actually shares her kennel very happily with a wise nine year old tripod girl, this unusual pairing has worked very well with Harriet receiving excellent coaching into the ways of the world by an old hand. 

Harriet still has much to learn and to discover, it’s fantastic to see her now playing like a young dog her age should be doing. She missed out on so much during her puppyhood spent locked in a kennel and has much to catch up on. 

Harriet is now more than ready to explore the big wide world, the person who helps her face her fears to do this will reap many rewards watching her grow in confidence and will earn the love and devotion of a very special little girl.

Harriet is still young in age, but is much younger in her social experience. Harriet given understanding, patience and guidance in a forever home will grow into a fabulous young dog.
Harriet can live as an only dog or alongside another dog which would give her more confidence. She will need someone who is home for much of the day just like any other puppy.  

If you can offer Harriet  a home please contact us.