I'm Gladiator, a rescue lurcher and I want to be adopted.

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe
Gladiator is a four year old Saluki Cross Lurcher. Gladiator first came to Hector’s in August after being surrendered by his owner who had kept him outside as a working dog, he was used to being around terriers and small children. 

Gladiator was rehomed from Hector’s almost immediately and did very well in his new home and is house trained etc. Sadly Gladiator has just been returned to Hector’s after an episode of sleep startle. Sleep startle is something many dogs have, but it is particularly prevalent in Sighthounds. Sleep Startle is when a dog snaps or growls when they get woken from sleep by touch or are bumped. This happened to Gladiator when he was disturbed by a child. 

To say Gladiator is devastated to be returned to Kennels after living for several months in a family home is an understatement. It is pitiful to see how upset he is 😢 Gladiator thought he had it all and he suddenly lost it all again in an instant.

Gladiator is a calm, handsome, proud boy who has a regal aura around him. He walks grandly on his lead and is good with all breeds of dogs. Gladiator clearly adores children and his little face lights up when he sees them and he is very gentle around them, however sadly due to the episode of sleep startle he must now be rehomed into a child free home, somewhere where sleeping dogs will be left to lie undisturbed. 

Gladiator is a very intelligent dog and doesn’t appear to have the usual mad Saluki traits or the Saluki single mindedness so common in their breed, but Gladiator does have the Saluki trait of loving very deeply and being incredibly loyal. Gladiator’s next home must really be forever as we are not sure this sensitive boy could cope with being let down again. 

Gladiator is not cat safe but will happily live with any breed of dog or as an only dog. He doesn’t have any great requirements for his forever home other than he wants to be loved and allowed to love his forever people back for the rest of his life. 

If you can mend Gladiator’s broken heart by offering him a home please contact us