I'm Gladiator,

and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Gladiator is a four year old Saluki Cross Lurcher. Gladiator came to Hector’s after he was surrendered by his owner who had kept him outside as a working dog, he was used to being around terriers and small children.

Gladiator was rehomed almost immediately and did very well in his new home and is used to living in a home and is housetrained etc. Sadly Gladiator was returned after a couple of months due to an episode of sleep startle. Sleep startle is something many dogs have, but it is very prevalent in Sighthounds. Sleep startle is when a dog snaps or growls when they get woken from a deep sleep by touch or are bumped. This happened with Gladiator when he was disturbed by a child. 

Gladiator must be one of our most unlucky dogs. After he was returned to us he was reserved almost immediately again. His home offer involved being reserved for a couple of months before his new owner could take him, something Hector’s agreed to because we had believed it was a wonderful home offer. However sadly Hector’s have let him down and after waiting, the home offer proved not what we thought it was.

Gladiator deserves a wonderful home he is a calm, handsome, proud boy who has a regal aura around him. He walks grandly on his lead and is good with all breeds of dogs. Gladiator clearly adores children and his face lights up when he sees them, however due to the episode of sleep startle he must now be rehomed in a child free home, somewhere where sleeping dogs will be left to lie undisturbed ! 

The Saluki’s breeds have traits that are very different to Greyhounds, if you are not familiar with the Saluki breed please research them before you offer Gladiator a home.

Gladiator seems to be an exception in that he behaves quite sensibly, however he still has the Saluki loyalty and capability of loving his owner very deeply which will be a life long bond which if broken will break his heart.

Gladiator like so many of the Saluki Cross Greyhounds we know and love will be mortally offended if he can’t come upstairs at bed time with you, after all how can he give unconditional love to you if he can’t sleep in the same room.

Gladiator needs a loving but sensible owner who has simple but firm rules, Gladiator is very intelligent and needs an owner who is a little more clever than the average Saluki because we can’t allow them to rule the world ! 

Gladiator shares his kennel with a female Greyhound, he would be happy living as an only dog, but can live with another dog, but he would need firm guidance about the rules of sharing his owners love as Gladiator would rather like it all to himself. With firm guidelines he would share and live happily with another dog he simply needs to know the rules he needs to adhere to in his new home. Gladiator is not cat safe. 

Gladiator is so deserving of a sensible, loving forever home. Anyone who knows the Saluki breed will know you will be rewarded for your kindness threefold. 

If you can offer a forever home to this gorgeous, loving  boy please contact us.