I'm Girlie, and I already have my forever home.

But I have greyhound friends still looking for homes

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4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

You can frequently hear me call this little girl Slobber Chops, as she often gets her food around her mouth, who doesn't?!

Girlie was a brood bitch in Ireland. So, from racing on the track to then going on to raise litters of pups, it is time she deserves love in her life.

She adores cuddles and loves to be loved as this little sweetheart really hasn't seen much of it.

Her poor little front foot turns out like Charlie Chaplin, though this does not really affect her. We have had her leg X-rayed and they show nothing untoward. The vet thinks she may have been in a confined space as a pup.

Girlie would love a forever sofa to share with you. She has dreams of being a lady of leisure as she has worked so hard in her career. It's time for her to relax and be spoilt rotten.