I'm Flora, a retired lurcher looking for a forever home.

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Flora is a young Saluki X Lurcher who is around twelve months old. Poor Flora has already gone through so much for such a young dog, she was so emaciated when she was rescued she spent a week as an inpatient at a veterinary surgery recovering. 

Flora has such a happy, friendly, forgiving nature, she bears no hard feelings for whatever neglect and bad treatment she received in the past, she is very affectionate and simply adores fuss and attention. 
Flora desperately wants to be loved and to find a home where she can have some fun!  Sadly she is being overlooked in the Kennels, we think because she is so bouncy and excited when she first meets people it puts them off, and they don’t wait to see how lovely she actually is when she has calmed down. 
We would urge anyone interested in adopting Flora to read up about the Saluki breed and to be willing to continue her training and socialisation. 

Flora due to her young age needs an active family, if there were also older children who were prepared to play with her she would be absolutely delighted, the more people prepared to play and have some fun the better ! 
Flora needs a home where someone is around for much of the day or where she can attend doggie day care. Flora is good with other dogs, especially if they want to play, but is not cat safe. 

Flora has had such a sad start to her life it is important that she is never let down again. Saluki breeds bond very deeply with their owners and are very loyal. Flora’s forever home must really be forever, you will be rewarded with a fun, affectionate girl who will be loyal and love her family unconditionally. 

If you can offer this gorgeous girl a home please contact us

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