I'm Flo,

and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Flo is reserved
8 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Flo is a petite eight-year-old ex-racing brindle Greyhound who has sadly returned to Hector's following a relationship break up.

Flo is now living in a Hector's foster home and settled straight away without any problems and luckily hasn't seemed particularly upset to find herself looking for a new home again. Flo is house trained and has been happy to be left for 4-5 hours while her foster mum works.

Flo is relatively small for a greyhound, but she has a big personality. She also has some enormous ears! Flo's ears are continually moving, this we suspect is because it enables her to hear every single rustle or opening of something that may be edible.

Flo is a very affectionate and loving girl. Flo would love to be a spoilt little princess, but in reality, she is a proper little madam!
Flo chatters and talks and has an expert opinion on everything and does like to have the last word. She is currently living alongside a resident Lurcher, but Flo is not above nudging her out of the way, so she gets all the cuddles! Flo needs to live as an only dog or with a male Greyhound who won't mind getting a bit henpecked. Flo is not cat safe.

Flo, perhaps a bonus for being smaller in size looks a lot younger than her eight years and is still very active. Flo will be a loving companion; she is a wise Greyhound and will weigh up and cope with new situations. She is delighted by children's company and can live with older children.

If you can offer this lovely lady a forever home, please contact us.