I'm Finbar, a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe
Finbar was rescued by Hector’s just over three years ago, he was part of a multi rescue operation for over forty Greyhounds living in a field in Ireland.
Finbar was only just twelve months old when he first came to Hector’s, he didn’t have racing tattoos in his ears and we had no history of his breeding. With some work in a Hector’s foster home Finbar responded well and was rehomed to a lovely home where he settled and did very well.
Finbar sadly has just been returned to Hector’s, his owners are very upset as Finbar was a much loved family pet. The reason for Finbar’s return is because a baby was born into his family, contrary to what you think you are about to read, it is wrong! Finbar loved the new baby, however Finbar can be reactive on the lead and he took it upon himself to safeguard the new baby and stepped up his reactiveness a gear to defend the pram on his walks.

Finbar is house-trained and lives happily alongside other foster Greyhounds and a resident Lurcher in his foster home and is happy to be left while his foster mum works for part of the day. Finbar can be reactive to other dogs that are not Sighthound’s while out on his walks and for this reason must wear a muzzle when he is walking in public areas. His new owner must be prepared to continue Finbar’s training to correct this behaviour which Finbar is making huge progress with. 

It is very interesting to note that Finbar’s owners did a DNA test on Finbar as there was no history available for him,  it came back with a report that he was 80% Greyhound and 20% Collie, although Finbar can probably manage longer walks than you average Greyhound, he has got all the lazy traits of a Greyhound and will never stand if he can possible lie down ! 

Finbar is a funny little character, he clearly loves company and always gives a warm welcome to his foster mum when ever he has been left, but Finbar isn’t a needy dog who needs constant reassurance and cuddles, he prefers to lie near you and loves to listen to you talk about your day. He’s a pretty perfect companion as he will never disclose your thoughts or secrets 🤣

Finbar is so deserving of a loving forever home, he desperately wants to please, but occasionally gets things wrong with the way he reacts to strange dogs, this is not his fault it’s because he was born and raised in a field with little human interaction and no socialisation during the important period as a young puppy and adolescent dog.
Finbar needs an owner that can continue to help him adjust. If you can give this gorgeous, young boy a forever home please contact us