I'm Fanny, and I already have my forever home.

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2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Fanny is an adorable Greyhound girl who had her second birthday on 9th January.
Fanny was rescued in Ireland, as far as we know, she has never taken part in Greyhound racing but was bred for Greyhound coursing. 

To see Fanny’s delight at being given a toy to play with is a privilege to witness, she appears like a normal young, happy and loving dog. However the more we have got to know and love Fanny it has become apparent that she has many layers to her personality and it’s a bit like peeling an onion !

Hector’s pride ourselves on doing our very best to get our dog profiles right but admit this little girl managed to fool us into getting it all wrong.  

Fanny is a fun loving affectionate girl, and much like any two year old dog has energy to burn but Fanny is also very stubborn. We are beginning to suspect the reason she wasn’t successful at racing or coursing wasn’t because she was too soft and gentle as we first thought, but it was because she didn’t want to race and was too strong willed to train. 

Fanny is a very confident, happy girl until you take her out of her safe kennel environment, then she is terrified of traveling in the car, traffic and the hustle and bustle of a busy world. Sadly we now suspect she may have lived her whole life until she came to Hector’s without having any glimpses of civilisation. 

Unfortunately Fanny’s flight instinct is very strong and she is going to have to be socialised into the outside world with care and patience. However, here she also peels off yet another of her layers and despite her fear shows strong signs that she is not small dog friendly and definitely not cat safe. 

The true Fanny will be revealed when the last of the layers are peeled away, this will be earned by the person who gains her true trust and love, we know this will be worth the time and patience to find because she really is a lovely sweet girl. 

Whatever has happened to shape Fanny’s personality can be unraveled with love and patience, she is only just two years old and has a whole lifetime to live. She still has adolescent traits that will need positive direction. Fanny needs an experienced Greyhound/ Large dog owner who is willing to help Fanny slowly adjust from the life into which she was born. 

An owner prepared to help this gorgeous girl will not need telling that the rewards wilo be priceless watching a beautiful dog adjust and learn. Fanny is already an affectionate girl but we wonder if this is just a coping strategy and Fanny’s love is capable of much more.

Fanny can live as an only dog or alongside another male Greyhound. Fanny loves to play but can get exuberant and boisterous so we would ask that any children are older and robust enough to enjoy her play times. 

If you can offer Fanny a forever home please contact us