I'm Elmo,

a rescue greyhound and I want to be adopted.

4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Elmo is a currently still being assessed at Hector’s, he is a handsome black Greyhound boy who has retired from Greyhound racing, Elmo has recently had his fourth birthday. 

Elmo has the most beautiful, soulful puppy eyes. His eyes are the first thing you notice about him, they also tug a little at your heartstrings because they also look a little sad. Added to the fact Elmo is a little nervous and timid when he first meets you he gives you an overwhelming desire to scoop him up and reassure him everything will be ok.

Elmo is making his transition from life in a racing Greyhound slowly, he is very cautious about putting his trust into strangers, possibly he may have been let down in the past. One thing is certain the lucky people he chooses to love will be truly blessed, Elmo will love you forever and be incredibly loyal to his special forever people. For this reason it is important that Elmo’s forever home really is forever, this boy does not deserve ever to be disappointed ever again. 

Elmo can live as an only dog or alongside another female, he is not cat safe. Elmo needs a quieter home without children, somewhere that will help him lose his fear, where he can gain his confidence and trust, he will then blossom into a fabulous boy who will be a delight to watch as his personality emerges, he will also be an incredibly handsome black Greyhound. 

If you can offer Elmo a home please contact us