I'm Dutch,

and I'm looking forward to my new forever home.

Dutch is reserved
4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Dutch is a real little sweetheart; he is a gentle, sensitive soul. Salukis are known to bond deeply with their owners, and Dutch is feeling very sad to find himself in kennels and needing to look for a new owner.

Please research the Saluki breed before offering Dutch a home. Although Dutch appears quite obedient and seems to have inherited the best of the Saluki breed traits, he still is very much a Saluki and they are very different to your average Greyhound. Salukis have well-defined personalities and can be stubborn, independent thinkers.

Like many Salukis, Dutch needs a happy home as he won’t cope well if there is any conflict or crosswords. Even if he has just done a zoomie through your muddy garden on his newly made race circuit, up the stairs and over your freshly laundered bed, crosswords will be taken to heart as Salukis are sensitive to correction and Dutch is no exception to this.

Dutch can live as an only dog or alongside all other breeds of dog; he is not cat safe. Dutch does food guard and will need to eat peacefully on his own and care will need to be taken when giving treats when he with other dogs. Like all Salukis Dutch will need and enjoy plenty of exercise.

Dutch really is a gorgeous boy and melts your heart with his gentle acceptance of what is asked of him, and he will become a loyal pet and love you very deeply, his next home must be forever this time.

If you can offer Dutch a home, please contact us.