I'm Dreamer, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

4 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Dreamer is a pretty four-year-old Greyhound girl who Hector’s brought after being spotted advertised for sale on gumtree. Dreamer has been traced from her ear tattoos, and we know she was born and raced in Ireland.

The rest of Dreamer’s story about how she came to be for sale on gumtree we can sadly only guess at. The excellent news for Dreamer is she is no longer available to be brought as a breeding machine or worse.

Dreamer is a little sweetheart; she just craves and laps up any attention and love she can get. When you pause and think about what may have happened to this gentle girl, it breaks your heart; she is such a gentle, loving soul.

Dreamer just wants to please; she is sensitive and affectionate and just craves approval. Dreamer enjoys and seeks out the company of other Greyhounds. She is not cat safe.
Dreamer is a gentle, loving dog who respond to kindness with unconditional love.

Dreamer is so deserving of a wonderful forever home, somewhere where she can finally relax and not be moved on to try desperately to appease yet another owner.

If you can offer this gorgeous little girl who just wants to provide her love with a forever home, please contact us.