I'm Davy, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Davy is a gorgeous male Greyhound who will be two years old in September.

Davy came to Hector’s from Ireland with a severely damaged tail. He underwent immediate tail amputation surgery to relieve the terrible pain he had been living with.
Davy really surprised us with his sunny personality while he recovered from his surgery. He constantly wagged his little, reduced tail giving us much anxiety incase he knocked it.

Davy is a happy, affectionate boy and full of the antics you would expect from a young Greyhound. However, Davy has not had an easy start to his life. Although he will adjust to become a fabulous adult dog with a visible shortened tail and the scars he bears on his body to tell his story, we fear that he may also carry the mental scars of his bad start in life.

Despite being so young, Davy has a very high prey drive, and care will need to be taken around small dogs; thus, he will need to wear a muzzle while out in public.
Although Davy’s prey drive will probably lessen as he adapts to life as a family pet, we suspect that he may have also done some hunting. His prey drive is so firmly ingrained it will always remain to some degree.

Davy will undoubtedly make a fun companion; he is already a bit of a clown and has a repertoire of antics to try and make us stop and spend time with him. Due to his young age, Davy will enjoy and need longer walks than your average retired Greyhound.

Davy needs a home where someone is home for most of the day; he already loves the kindness he has found at Hector’s and is desperate to have this attention all the time.
Being so young, Davy is almost sure to display some puppy traits in his new home and will make mistakes; there are bound to be a few accidents while he learns what is acceptable to chew and how he should behave.
Davy can also be a little nervous and will need patience, kindness and consistency from his owner to help him enjoy his new word. Davy can live as an only dog or alongside another patient and calm Greyhound.

Davy has been through a lot in his short life and needs an owner prepared to help him readjust. Please think carefully before you decide to adopt this beautiful boy because Davy’s home really must be forever, for we fear he would not recover if he was rejected again.
If you can offer Davy a forever home, please contact us.