I'm Daisy, a rescue greyhound.
Can you adopt me?

2 years
Cat safe
Not cat safe

Daisy is only two years old and has recently retired from Greyhound racing.

Daisy looks very timid and afraid in her photos, but don’t be mislead by this, she is actually a little minx! Daisy wasn’t scared or worried about having her picture taken, but she has perfected just the right look to gain much sympathy and attention.

Daisy is a very normal two-year-old dog, she is bouncy and energetic and full of life (except when her photo is being taken!)

Daisy, despite her young age, does have a high prey drive, she is not cat safe, and care will need to be taken around small furries. A greyhound savvy home is desirable for Daisy.

Daisy is destined to be a little princess diva! She just needs to find some human slaves to care for her every whim and forgive her inevitable mishaps of mischief, which will undoubtedly happen, but of course, will not be Daisy’s fault!

Daisy can live as an only dog or alongside make Greyhound’s, she isn’t cat safe. Daisy would appreciate a home where someone is home for much of the day.

If you can offer Daisy a home, please contact us.